Holy Landia
Where the Holy Land comes to your Home!

There is no other place on Earth such as the Holy Land! It’s the Land of Patriarchs! The Land of Jesus Christ and the Prophets throughout history. It seems as if a very long time ago, it all began over here !
It’s where all major historical events took place, events that inspire us and we live by until today. This page is an open invitation to visit the Holy Land from your Home… We bring it to you!
We are not only an online shop, but we are a place full of cultures and adventures, as our pieces tell our own stories. They are pieces of Love, made with Love, designed and produced by people who live here, were born here, and will continue watching out for Love in the Holy Land.
We are a business that supports many small businesses. Located in Bethlehem, we work with different producers and artists throughout the country. We work with cooperatives, individuals, men, women, groups, designers, writers, musicians, carvers, small businesses, beautiful minds altogether, creating a Holy Land experience like no other..

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